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Become an Elazon™ Pre-Launch Member

Elazon™ keeps track of all of your messages and links. It weeds out the unwanted and malicious and makes it undesireable for the sender to contact you again.

Yearly Membership Yearly Contributing Membership
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Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
If the great recession has gotten you down, become a pre-launch member for free!   Why pay $9.99 when you can get the same software for free? Simple. Every pre-launch contributing member makes it possible for others in need to get the software for free. So, you can help yourself while helping others.
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What you get

Elazon™, the world's first and only electronic message response and remediation system. Elazon™ functionality will be rolled out in phases as we strive to avoid any unintended consquences. You get protection for all your devices and all updates.

1 The Grid

The Elazon™ grid is based on a tried and true, open-source grid technology, Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC).

This grid, as it is deployed will give Elazon™ members real time data to automatically forewarn them of an unwanted message or that a link has malicious software hiding behind it.
2 The Response

Elazon™ is designed to reduce the profitability of sending unwanted electronic messages. No matter if the message is email, SMS, phone calls, instant messaging or hyperlinks.

Elazon™ gives the senders of unwanted messages exactly what they've asked for — an instant response! Their messages are saved to a quarantined sandbox.

Automatically --
Call unwanted message senders instructing them to delete your contact information
Post to sender's social media sites
Test advertisments for unwanted ad tracking
3 The Control

Elazon™ members can effortlessly control website operators' and message senders' behavior.

Each member controls which messages they respond to, how they respond to them and when they respond to them based on user settings.

We live and work by the Internet

(Because you are here) You know the risks and rewards of social media, search engines, email, forums, file sharing, text messages, smart phones and all forms of electronic messaging.

Elazon™ helps you gain control of your online experiences and remediates all forms of unwanted electronic messages and behavioral advertising and facilitates good computing by giving the senders of unwanted messages exactly what they've asked for — an instant response! Their messages are saved to a quarantined sandbox.

Elazon™ technology is a paradigm shift that becomes more effective as more people use it. We invite you to join us as we endeavor to change the way businesses and malcontents operate online.

What the community needs
Please post this link to your favorite social network and to your email signature. Viral marketing WORKS!

Membership FAQs

When is Membership Billed?
Yearly memberships are billed once on sign up and once every year thereafter. You can stop your membership at any time. If you are not satisfied get a 100% refund with no hoops to jump through.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
We accept credit card payments via PayPal.

Will Elazon™ software be distributed through other vendors?
No. Only here at elazon.com.

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