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A Message to Behavioral Advertising Companies

Our customers are probably not your customers.

Most web surfers want to be left alone and not tracked.

In the material world your methods are that of a voyeur at best and a stalker at worse.

People have sufficient intelligent to make themselves aware of products and services that may fulfill their needs. They do not require your intrusive methods to make them aware of whatever you may be peddling and are confident in their ability to seek out and purchase whatever goods or services they require.

Imagine if I visit ford.com looking for information on their current models – why would I want to be followed around the Internet for days by Ford ads? That would be the equivalent of stopping into a Ford dealer and asking for information. Then leaving the lot with a salesman in tow who plagues me like a child selling gum on the streets of Tijuana everywhere I go.

Every marketer knows one should never give the customer the impression that one is desperate.

The difference between a marketing professional and a pain-in-the-ass is the marketer knows when to stop. Elazon™ helps marketers save money and helps them to stop being a pain-in-the-ass.

When an Elazon™ user clicks on a link that tracks them, Elazon™ initiates information gathering. This gives the Elazon™ user the opportunity to better understand your company and the people behind yet another pain-in-the-ass marketing message.

Elazon™ visits all of the related sending and response domains and addresses that you have supplied so they may better understand your offer and why you have targeted them.

For the marketer, Elazon™ solves the technical challenge that many marketers have of setting up and maintaining a working opt-out mechanism and knowing when to go away.

An Elazon™ user responds to your unwanted tracking links, identifies himself and opts out by writing the request to your web server log. If the user chooses to, the system can also call you on the telephone to opt-out.

Finally, opt-out perfected!

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