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A Message to Mass Email Marketers

Our customers are probably not your customers.

The overwhelming majority of our customers are of sufficient intelligence to make themselves aware of products and services offered for sale that may fulfill their needs in the consumer societies in which they live. They do not require your assistance via email to make then aware of whatever you may be selling and are confident in their ability to seek out and purchase whatever goods or services they may require.

The difference between a marketing message and Spam is relevance. This relevance is based solely on the recipient’s perception not the senders. How an offer may effect the activities the recipient engages in during their life experience is how most people assign relevance. The more closely your offer aligns with the recipient’s current life expectations and means the more relevance they assign to a specific marketing communication.

When an Elazon™ user receives an email message deemed non-relevant to their current life experience and expectations they simply mark your email message for Elazon™ to gather additional information. This gives the person you have chosen to communicate with and have invited to communicate with you the opportunity to better understand the company and the people behind the apparent non-relevant marketing message and products and services being offered.

Elazon™ visits all of the related sending and response domains and addresses that you have supplied the recipient so they may better understand why you have sent them a non-relevant message.

Elazon™ saves marketers money by helping them clean their email mailing lists of people who have no interest in receiving email sales pitches of any kind and more important to you no desire to purchase your products or services. Elazon™ helps you get your response rate up by eliminating individuals that have no intention of ever buying anything from you.

Elazon™ solves the technical challenge that many mass email marketers have of setting up and maintaining a working opt out mechanism. When an Elazon™ user responds to your unwanted message Elazon™ identifies itself and opts out the user directly to your web server log. If the user chooses to, the system can also call you on the telephone to opt-out.

You never again have to worry about surmounting the technical challenge of keeping a reliable working opt out mechanism running again.

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