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Elazon™’s mission is simple: Cleanse the world’s messages of malicious software.

Elazon™ is a community that uses the shared judgment of its user base and patented software to respond to the sender automatically – which reduces the profitability of sending unwanted electronic messages. Elazon™ is compatible with any device that can send and receive electronic messages.

Unwanted electronic messages can come in the form of email, instant and text messages, forum posts, and web links, to name a few.

Electronic messaging has had its usefulness severely limited by a tremendous quantity of unwanted messages, malware, viruses and phishing schemes.

This community has been in development for over a decade. We are excited to bring the project from the drawing board to deployment.

We strongly believe that everyone has the right of self determination on the Internet.

To better understand our thinking, please visit collaborative-democracy.com.

Jack Martin
Inventor and Co-founder

Patricia Martin

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