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Licensing Opportunities

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Elazon™ licensing opportunities are currently available for use of patent number 7,853,657 and are applicable to a wide variety of existing products.

Operating systems such as those created by Apple®, Google® and Microsoft®, have a unique opportunity to create the world’s first unwanted-message and behavioral advertising–free operating systems with Elazon™.
Chip fabricators such as Intel®, AMD® and ARM® can embed the company’s technology on its chips and give a safer computing experience to their customers.
Mobile handset manufacturers such as Samsung®, HTC®, Sony Ericsson® and LG® can differentiate themselves from their competitors.
Security companies such as Symantec® and McAfee® can offer offensive tools to their user base.
Email and instant-messaging services can create a very undesirable target for unwanted message senders.

We are also open to other applications of our intellectual property.

Through history weapon makers have delivered long term, dependable profits, and with the Internet siege now becoming weaponized, the next dominant companies will be those who can develop and deliver easy to use and potent weapons to individuals, businesses and governments so they can peacefully use the Internet as it was intended to be, a communication tool.

Our intellectual property pipeline of offensive and defensive Internet technology extends beyond patent number 7,853,657. This page will be updated as we file additional patent applications.

To inquire about licensing opportunities please email licensing@elazon.com.

 Apple®, Google®, Microsoft®, Intel®, AMD®, ARM®, Samsung®, HTC®, Sony Ericsson®, LG®, Symantec® and McAfee® are registered trademarks of their respective companies and used here as an example without permission
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