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Internet Siege Becomes Weaponized

Internet users to control website operator's and message sender's behavior

HOWELL, NJ - June 28, 2012 – Elazon™ the world’s only Electronic Message Response and Remediation System, mitigates all forms of unwanted electronic messages and behavioral advertising and facilitates good computing for both consumers and businesses. Elazon™ reduces the profitability of sending unwanted electronic messages and placing hidden malicious code used as behavioral links. Based on current consumer preferences, the system could easily overwhelm the marketing ecosystem with automatic responses to unwanted messages.

Each individual user controls which messages they respond to, how they respond to them and when they respond to them. User response is in aggregate and in direct proportion to how many messages and or links have been received.

Everyday electronic marketers and behavioral advertisers send out billions of unwanted messages in the form of email, instant messages, and web hyper links that are at best ignored or captured in spam filters. At worst, these unwanted messages cause incalculable social and financial harm – this is about to change.

For a more detailed explanation of how this works, www.elazon.com/why_elazon.html

Among response mechanisms available to Elazon™ users is the ability to choose to have their computer call and deliver an audio message instructing the unwanted message sender to not send them more spam or links supplying malicious code. A popular Web 2.0 company that is delivering unwanted messages to their user base could easily receive 100,000 to 1 million telephone calls daily in addition to the Internet response.

For a more detailed explanation of how this works, www.elazon.com/corp/opt-out_call.html

With a Q4 release date, the behavioral advertisers and their hosts will have ample time to modify their operations and comply with the law and rules of common decency, otherwise the users will modify their behavior for them. In the upcoming months the Good Computing Seal of Approval ProgramSM will be rolled out to further assist these companies to adapt to this new reality.

Jack Martin, the inventor and co-founder of Elazon™ said, "I fully expect the Internet's first extinction event to begin November 2012. With nearly 70% of Internet users not wanting targeted ads and practically 100% of the Internet users not wanting any type of spam, I expect a significant user adoption rate."

Giving Internet users the vote
As the current machinations of the World Wide Web Consortium’s, W3C Tracking Protection Working Group, drones on, the participants illustrate the need for products like Elazon™.

The digital advertisers are on one side and self-appointed privacy advocates are on the other. In reality they are two sides of the same coin. No election was held designating any of them as representatives of the world’s population.

Elazon™ gives each and every Internet user the ability to vote for what they want and do not want with each and every click.

System puts Web 2.0 in its cross hairs
Elazon™ could very well put Google® and Facebook®'s core business in jeopardy.

The Elazon™ product family is a bad omen for any Web 2.0 company such as Google®, Facebook® and the multitude of companies dependent on either electronic marketing and or behavioral advertising. Investors in these companies most likely will experience heavy losses because now consumers are no longer defenseless against having their entire online life monetized by a never ending barrage of electronic marketing and tracking techniques.

Google® and Facebook® are used for illustrative purposes only, as the system is unable to specifically target any company.

Additionally, it is common for website operators to game search engines through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to lure users to websites where malicious and or ad tracking code lurks. When the Elazon™ system finds such code it automatically follows every link, to Look Beyond the LinkTM and harvest the entire site and any sites that are linked to it. The system discovers what the links lead to and whether it is safe to proceed. All of the content is archived to a safe sand box similar to a virus quarantine directory for later viewing should the user choose to.

For a more detailed explanation of how this works, www.elazon.com/corp/looking_beyond.html

"The spirit of the Internet has been hijacked," said Patricia Martin, Elazon™ co-founder, "A powerful and ubiquitous set of technologies have been repurposed to spy upon and take advantage of unsuspecting individuals – it’s just not right."

Elazon™ licensing opportunities are currently available
Elazon™ technology is adaptable to computer operating systems such as those created by Apple® and Microsoft® and smart phone operating systems such as Google® Android®, Apple® iOS® and Microsoft® Windows Phone®. Here is a unique opportunity to create the world’s first unwanted message- and behavioral advertising- free operating systems with Elazon™.

Chip fabricators such as Intel®, AMD® and ARM® could embed the Elazon™ technology on its chips and give a safer computing experience to their customers. Mobile handset manufacturers such as Samsung®, HTC®, Sony Ericsson® and LG® can do the same. As can security companies such as Symantec® and McAfee®.

Elazon™ offers an unprecedented level of security to sensitive government and enterprise IT users.

Only time will tell the highest and best use of patent number 7,853,657 and additional related patents pending. With Elazon™ 2012 is going to be the first year that Internet users will be able to modify and control website operators’ and message senders’ behavior.

Through history weapon makers have delivered long term, dependable profits, and with the Internet siege now becoming weaponized, the next dominant companies will be those who can develop and deliver easy to use and potent weapons to individuals, businesses and governments so they can peacefully use the Internet as it was intended to be, a communication tool. For more information, please visit www.elazon.com

About Elazon™:
Elazon™ is the first and only electronic message response and remediation system and protected by U.S. Patent 7,853,657 and other patents pending.

© 2012 Elazon™ All Rights Reserved. Covered by U.S. Patent Number 7,853,657 and other patents pending.