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Reach Out and Opt-out℠

Elazon™ is the world’s first and only Electronic Message Response and Remediation System. It mitigates all forms of unwanted electronic messages and behavioral advertising.

It is possible to automatically respond to automatically generated messages.

  1. The electronic message is intercepted
  2. The phone number for the sender/ad tracker is retrieved
  3. VoIP is initiated
  4. The system reads the user-customized (say whatever you want) message to the person answering the call
  5. Using keypad prompts, the company representative acknowledges they will not contact or track you again

The Elazon™ Experience
It is very common for an email marketer to send out 1 million messages per day and expect a response of only .0001 - .0002%. With Elazon™ the response is in direct proportion to how many Elazon™ users have received the messages. If the email marketer list includes 10% Elazon™ users – it would not be surprising for the spammer to receive about 100,000 responses as fast as the messages are received and deemed spam by Elazon™ users.

For example:
Facebook® claims to have 900 million current users.
Assume market penetration of Elazon™ at 10%.

900,000,000 x .10 = 90,000,000 responses

(Facebook® is used for illustrative purposes only, as the system is unable to specifically target any company.)

At this level both Facebook® and the behavioral advertiser could expect 90 million responses and 90 million telephone calls opting out. They can also expect to cause a massive telephone outage in the 650 area code and whatever area codes the behavioral advertisers are located within.

Elazon™ will lift response rates for email marketers and behavioral advertisers to potentially 100%. All email marketers and behavioral advertisers have to do is contact Elazon™ users.

Elazon™ assists email marketers and behavioral advertising companies in creating a positive feedback loop as large as they choose to make it. For example if an email marketer or behavioral advertising company wanted to receive 1,000,000 opt out telephone calls per day all they have to do is contact 1,000,000 Elazon™ users per day and their wish is granted. Email marketers and behavioral advertising companies don’t have to worry about missing individual calls as the system is designed to call back if the line is busy or an untrained employee hangs up before the call is completed.

Inversely, Elazon™ creates a negative feedback loop for people who do not want to receive spam or be tracked by ads. Email marketers and behavioral advertisers get exactly what they want and you get exactly what you want – a significant reduction in harassment.

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